Respect for Veterans – our Filial Duty

6c_3_Veteran of the Second World War, 99-year-old Odil-ota Fozilov lives in the Katta Oltintepa mahalla of Mirzo-Ulugbek district of the capital.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan handed over the veteran with commemorative medal “Ikkinchi jahon urushidagi G’alabaning 70 yilligi”, cash prize and gifts in a solemn atmosphere on behalf of President Islam Karimov.

The presidential decrees On awarding of the commemorative medal “Ikkinchi jahon urushidagi G’alabaning 70 yilligi” to the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan – veterans of war and labor front in 1941-1945 from 19 February 2015 and On rewarding of the participants of the war in 1941-1945 from 6 March of this year serve as the guide in rendering honor and respect to veterans of war and labor front.

In response to the attention, the veteran expressed his gratitude and uttered a prayer that our country has always been peaceful.

“Respect paid by the President of our country for the elderly unspeakably pleases me,” says Odil-ota Fozilov. “I rejoice to find my grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up so healthy and educated people. I live with a sense of gratitude for these bright days. There is no greater happiness than to live in a tranquil, peace time. Let the head of our state always be healthy!”

Listening to his grandfather, 9-year-old great-grandson Bilol asks questions about the military past. Odil-ota says: “I have seen the Victory. But many of my fellow soldiers, friends did not live up to the current bright days. And I am grateful to my fate. My tears are tears of joy and gratitude…”

Events dedicated to May 9 – Day of Memory and Honor continue in all districts and mahallas. In places, with the participation of members of the Public Council at the Ministry of Defense, mahalla activists, representatives of public organizations organize meetings of veterans with youth and various educational events.


Photo by Temur Madaminov, Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA

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