Social-economical subjects department

During the years of independence some improvement has been done in the area of Ferghana teachers retraining institute.  This institute has been named as the Ferghana region institute of retraining and improvement of professional skills of teachers of educational establishments since 2015. In fact, the institute has passed into the system of faculty since 2001. It has widen the system of retraining and improvement of professional skills of the teachers and put other large tasks as well.

         The department of “Social subjects and the basis of spirituality” was founded in 2001. People’s teacher of the Republic of Uzbekistan, candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor, T. Kurbanov   was appointed as the head of the department. Such qualified teachers as N. Holnazarov, Z. Shodiyeva, M. Ahmadaliyeva, O. Hoshimova, K. Mahamatova (died in 2011) who worked in early years input much  contribution to the development of the department G.Sharaputdinova continues her work.

From the years of 2010-2011the department was conducted by T.Zohidov, in 2012-2013 years by M.Atajanov, in 2013-2014 by N.Hoshimova, 2014-2015 by H. Haydarov and senior teacher U.Sobirova, since January 2016 the department has been conducting by M. Payazov, the candidate of economical sciences. At present more than 20 skillful professor teachers work at the department. Among them 1 professor, 7 candidates of sciences point out that the institute has a large scientific level. In 2015 the name of the department has been changed from “Social subjects and the basis of spirituality” into “Socio- economic sciences”.

         At present in the system of faculty such subjects, as “National idea “, “History”, “Law”, “Economic bases”, “Urgent themes” are taught. In the institute the educational employment is organized in modern pedagogical and information technology, therefore teachers have organized the lessons under the modern requirements. In the department in all subjects of general educational qualification the manuals, educational presentation, offers, electronic development, texts of the reports and abstracts of lessons are created. Since today of the teacher – professors of faculty participated in regional, republican and at the same time foreign scientifically – practical conferences by the clauses and theses. That is accessible to spend free time of the students on the part of the teachers – professors the various sports games, debates are organized. All of the teacher – professors take part in all measures of the institute. The republican scientific – tactical conference on a theme ” Amir Temur – the great state figure ” is organized and these materials of a conference are issued as the collection. Furthermore a scientific seminar together with the international fund of mercy “the Gold inheritance” was carried out on April 18, 2016.

A sports event “Healthy life and sports – pledge of health” devoted to the international sports day was carried out on April 7, 2016.

The department of “Socio economic sciences” together with the department region of public education of the Fergana area on the basis of the normative documents carries out complex function on improvement of professional skills of the teachers and retraining of the staff.


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